Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh Strike!!!!

Well the WGA and the
I've been writing stuff for my own interest.
It's kinda funny that the writers block disappears when we can't sell anything.
Oh well I'll have a bounty ready whenever this finally ends.
I might stop by the NYC picket lines tomorrow or Wednesday.
It kinda sucks not to be working, but I feel bad for the interns and PA's the most.
I'm just dreading all the reality shows hitting the airwaves.
I was actually asked if I wanted to host some ridiculous show involving food, farming and a restaurant. I think it was called Farmers Market or chefs market.
We'll see if they want to raise the offer and maybe I'll sell out.
I could use a new Porsche.
Alright off to 8pm reservations.

Friday, August 31, 2007

THE G.S. Show

Gary Shandling. I just ran in to him today. How weird. Man we made some funny stuff together. We should work on a project, rehash the whole GSS days. Maybe we could help out Super Dave a little. I told Gary about this idea i had. He should make a line of hoodies with his head on both sides. It would be kinda crazy. He laughed. He could've. Well we speak with CAA on Monday. Show Up or Shut up. I have 3 espressos with my name on it

Friday, August 10, 2007

Just got back from the airport

Well I decided to come back to the states.
There's only so much time you can spend sifting through sand and failed dreams on the beach.
I met some great folks while I was in Brisbane.
Got severly sunburned and even chatted up some locals.
Ok, maybe a little more than just chatting up.

It's been 6 months since the show was canceled.
I was pretty much sued for everything but we countered and took them to town.
I mean only for a technicality but I pretty much could have lost everything.
Suzie won't talk to me ever again and it's in my best interest to avoid at all cost.
I'm hearing that one of the interns who brought me coffee go hurt really bad a month ago.
Darryl one of my friends from college said it was all over the news.
I'll try and send some flowers. We were going to actually use her in a couple skits.
I hope she is ok.

I fired my agent and severed all ties.
I'm going to have meetings this week.
I think I'm going to start working on book.
A couple of my friends who just signed a deal for national distribution asked for my help.
The settlement definitely gave me the option to do what I want now.
Maybe I'll just change my name or use a different monicher.
Is my backstory something could hurt sales.

Well I'm back.
I'll see you at Les City soon........

Sunday, February 11, 2007

almost back from hiatus

Well Suzie I think is coming back.
We had a crisis meeting and then show went on hiatus for a couple weeks.
I'm going to the comedy cellar tonight to check out a couple comedians w/Rob...
There's a couple that might be good for guests and this kid Dan we're thinking about for writing.
I haven't been outdoors in a couple days since it's so cold.
I think we're going to work really hard and be funny this weeek.
I'm kinda over that nervous breakdown I had.
I've promised Suzie I will not call her between 3:30am and 6:00am, ever...
Maybe I'll play some pranks on the interns.
I think things are going to be good this week....
Jazz Hands

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Writer Mike R. just quit...

Mike R. just quit..
His skit about repelling down the supermarket freezer got cut again week.
We've rehearsed it the last two weeks I think.
I kept telling him to rewrite it to a different location or work on something better.
It just wasnt' funny. I had just about given up...
Some of the crew guys liked it on the early run throughs..
I had to lay down the law but he just snapped and walk of stage.
30 minutes later he comes in today office yelling and screaming

Me: Mike what was your deal earlier.
Mike R: I can't take it anymore. You just think you funny.
Me: I don't understand. The sketch just wasn't working out
Mike R: It was funny, the main guy locks up at the midway between frozen peas and carrots.
Me: Brian's toothpaste bit is just funnier.
Mike R: Oh that's bull. You just take Brian's side all the time cause he was your college roommate.
Me: Mike you just need to settle down. We have a lot hunker down with during the hole transition period and move.
Mike R: Yeah that's not going to happen
Me: Yeah it is what's the problem...I run the show along with Greg.
Mike R: I quit!
Me: Mike, I don't think you understand what you're doing.
Mike R: I quit! I quit! I quit!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: You can't quit you're under contract for 3 more years.
Mike R: Page 4...Paragraph 2.....Line 7....If Mike R sells a script to be produced by this company or parent organization he shall be released immediately and paid out additional severance......Supermarket Repeller just got purchased 5 minutes ago...
Me: I won't let this happen.
Mike R: I just got off the phone with legal. It's all tight...
Me: Get the.....Just get out of my office....We'll talk after show.
Mike R: Whatever!!! Maybe I should just repell out of your office.
Me: Get out!

So I have no idea if I'll ever speak to Mike R again.
I just left 3 messages on his phone.
Apparently he sold a script based around a supermarket or something.

That interview with the times never happened today.
30 minutes after the guy was supposed to call me he sends me a text from DC court.
Apparently one of his co-workers had to testify in DC today.
He couldn't tell me what it was about but it was pretty serious.
We're going to have a sit down in the office tomorrow and maybe a walk through in the studio.

Ok Ok Ok Ok.....

Why did Mike R. leave.
Was it the skits, was it my fault?
Great now I have to worry if Suzie is going to freak out tomorrow.
I better ger her flowers or something to cheer her up.
Did I screw everything..........

Suzie called out sick

I'm starting today a little uneasy...
I think Suzie may be mad at me for late calls about my schedule.
She called out sick today, Intern Brian just relayed the message when I came in.
The staff is still in a good mood.
I didn't realize there would be some much changes for my co-workers and their families.
The writers are working on this new skit with some kid from an MTV show in Hawaii.
I don't even know if the audience will get it...
I think I saw the kid hitting on Julie from contracts...

Maybe we should we should go back to the early days.
A desk, a black background, two glasses of water and a great interview.

The guy from the times is calling
I better pick this up...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Suzie if you read this back my schedule up 30 minutes

I just remebered I'm giving a tour of the studio to that TV Judge's kids.
He did that guest spot on my show as a favor.
I still can't believe he let us poor all that cookie dough and cake batter on him.
Oh well they seem like nice kids, I'll as the interns what to talk to these kids about.

Ring Ring......Ring Ring.... Voicemail
Suzie if you're reading this bump my dinner back to 9:3opm.
The studio tour will back up my whole schedule a half hour.
I wonder why she didn't pick up.
I'll send her an email and then go to bed.
I just can't believe I haven't touched the tv in hour.
It's still stuck on that movie rental commercial, I'm just too lazy to get up.
It's starting to creep me out though...Click....

Text to Karl:
Karl I just read about this band from South Dakota(The Rundance Kids).
Kinda a modern, my booker is gonna get them on the show.
They are on an indie label, I think we could buy them out.
Find out more.....